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More than 250 Million pieces sold its the World’s Best Selling Electronics Product ever.

Its been a long time since we had Nokia the Finnish mobile making company dominating the mobile industry, with innovation and adaptation become an inescapable feature for businesses to survive nowadays we had Nokia lacking this ability to adapt quickly which lead to its downfall in customer base, but still Nokia has a wide range of records in its arsenal that no other company has.

nokia 1100

Remember The Nokia 1100 it was a basic GSM phone produced by Nokia, It had a Monochrome Display, 96 × 65 px, some 50 SMS handling potential at a single time, and other features which included a Built-in flashlight worth to be mentioned a Standby time of  400 h.

Nokia 1100 achieved its popularity as it was targeted towards developing countries and users who did not require advanced features beyond making calls and SMS text messages, alarm clock, reminders and few basic features to use.

This laser targeting made its success possible in a time when more modern mobile phones with more features e.g. color screen, internal camera etc were available in the market.

Despite all of these obstacles Over 250 million 1100s were sold since its launch in late 2003.

Which means Nokia 1100 is world’s best selling and most popular handset and also world’s best selling electronic consumer product. Meaning that no other phone, television, computer, music system, video game, camera or anything has sold more units than Nokia 1100.


In fact, the second most popular phone also belongs to them Nokia 3210, which is a good 100 million units short of the benchmark set by Nokia 1100.

Even When Nokia sold its one Billionth phone it was a Nokia 1100 in Nigeria.

Although manufacturing of Nokia 1100 ’s has been long discontinued used units have started popping up on sale for obscene amounts of money — as much as $32,000 apiece!

No doubt if Nokia is able to produce good products it still has a leverage point of having a soft corner in the hearts of consumers which taken full advantage of may give Nokia its power back on the industry.

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