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Mistakes people Make Using Public Wi-Fi.

WiFi is one of the most important technologies that has led to a rapid upliftment of information age by easing the means of accessing data and with its use in business world it proves to be a blessing by keeping people engaged and you keep on supplying your stuff to them but a lot of people make a lot of mistakes that are lethal for their security and privacy.

these are a few random mistakes committed by the general public while using public wifi.

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Accessing important and valuable information.

Bank accounts need to be checked regularly to ensure there are enough funds to get home, social security numbers need to be transferred to secure travel visas, credit cards need to be used online to pay for train tickets that would otherwise require a currency conversion; the list is endless.

Unless you absolutely need to access or transfer this delicate information in an emergency, we suggest holding off until you’re on a secure Internet connection (preferably one in which an actual cable is connecting your computer to the router instead of Wi-Fi). It’s just too easy for hackers to pull this data from public Wi-Fi connections with a few quick clicks.

Accepting the terms and conditions blindly.

That’s a mistake. One of the reasons why so many companies are eager to provide free, public Internet access to their patrons is because they want to mine their data in order to either sell them things in the near future, or pass it along to eager and sketchy third parties who are willing to pay top dollar for your browsing history.

Not using VPN for optimum security.

Regardless of how careful you are while traveling, or how prudent you are when it comes to accessing or transferring sensitive information online, sometimes you just need to use a credit card, access your banking information, or share some files.

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