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Introducing worlds smallest phone the tiny t1 from Zanco

Zanco’s tiny t1 is Officially The World’s Smallest Mobile Phone which is a  fully functional, talk & text mobile phone and is the worlds smallest reliable phone (As claimed) even though Chinese phones of almost similar pattern were also seen before but this startup is backed by a brand and can be excepted to succeed due to its introduction by reliable backers.This phone is four times smaller than iPhone and is a perfect fit for gadget lovers.

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So why should we buy it according to the official source a few reasons why you need to buy the Zanco tiny t1 are:

  • It’s the ‘must have’ gadget of 2018 – If you’re a gadget geek, you have got to have this!
  • It’s an ideal backup or emergency phone! – It’s so small you can keep it in your bag, pocket or glove compartment as a secondary phone.
  • It’s so damn cute!
  • The perfect novelty gift – What do you buy someone who’s got everything?
  • Use it when you need to travel light – The tiny t1 is perfect for joggers, runners, walkers, cyclists and those who take part in extreme sports because it’s so compact it can go in any size pocket.
  • It’s great as a backup on a night out and any occasion where you don’t want to carry a bulky phone but still want the reassurance of staying connected.
  • It’s a great conversation starter, as soon as you take the tiny t1 out, you’ll be the talk of the pub, office or classroom.
  • Overseas travel – The Zanco tiny t1 is so small it can go wherever you go.


Now its specifications and Features

  • 300 Phonebook memory
  • Stores 50 SMS Messages
  • Stores the last 50 in/out numbers
  • Nano Sim
  • 32RAM + 32ROM
  • 5mm OLED screen
  • Micro USB charger
  • 13 Voice changers
  • The tiny phone operates on the 2G network. The battery has 3 days standby and 180 minutes talk time.
  • The Zanco tiny t1 will work with any mobile phone network. You can change the nano-SIM at any time if you want to change your network too.

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Being only supportive of the 2G network the phone may face challenges in some countries as some countries are going to suspend 2G completely. So this factor is quite decisive for the age of this product and its usability.



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  • Images used above are from the start up website kickstarter promoting the product.

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