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Adidas Reports Data Breach At Its US Website Millions of Customers Seem To Be Affected.

Adidas Says Millions of U.S. Customers Being Alerted of the Breach.

In a series of disclosures of data breaches in the companies like The Hudson’s Bay Co,Under Armour Inc., aerospace giant Boeing Co., airlines like Delta Air Lines Inc. and natural gas pipelines and electric utilities Adidas has also reported a data breach at its US website.

The attackers seem to have intended to steal the personal data of the customers and the payment,health and fitness details seem to be safe as it was informed by the company in a statement.

The company informed that the leaked data includes contact information, usernames and encrypted passwords.The company spokesperson said it does not believe any credit card or health and fitness information was compromised.

The company came to know about the data breach on Tuesday as it found some of its customers data with unauthorised parties.

Adidas has further alerted all its customers of the breach and investigation is underway in order to find about the specifications of the attack.

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