Having a pet gives its owner a different feeling the joy we feel when they lick our face jump around us and follow us everywhere is so elating. when we meet a person whom we love and admire the most just remember the feelings and emotional euphoria we undergo the same happens to our pets but did you know that your dog’s heartbeat actually soars when you tell them, “I love you?”

In a recent study conducted by Canine Cottages in which four different pups were fitted with special heart rate tracking collars for monitoring them in different scenarios, it was found that when a dog is said “I love you” by their owners, their heart rates skyrocketed 46% to 98 bpm whereas the heart rate tracking data from the four dogs over seven days averaged 67 bpm.

Further many other prominent observations were made like one thing that calms a dog’s heart rate is cuddling observations showed that heart rate decreased 23% on average from 67 bpm to 52 bpm while they were being cuddled by their owners another observation made was that quality couch time cuddling resulted in a 22.7% decrease in canine heart rates these studies might not be ultra scientific but surely they help us to understand our pet dogs more deeply so if you have got time we would suggest you go on to the site Canine Cottages for more tips and guides for making the lives of your pets more comfortable.

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