HOW TO DESTROY SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM: an AMA with Cory Doctorow, activist, anti-DRM champion, EFF special consultant, and author of ATTACK SURFACE, the forthcoming third book in the Little Brother series. [xpost]

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Hey there! I’m Cory Doctorow (/u/doctorow), an author, activist and journalist with a lot of privacy-related projects. Notably:

  • I just published HOW TO DESTROY SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM with OneZero. It’s a short e-book that argues that, while big tech’s surveillance is corrosive and dangerous, the real problem with “surveillance capitalism” is that tech monopolies prevent us from passing good privacy laws.

  • I’m about to publish ATTACK SURFACE, the third book in my bestselling Little Brother series, a trio of rigorous technothrillers that use fast-moving, science-fiction storytelling to explain how tech can both give us power and take it away.

  • The audiobook of ATTACK SURFACE (the subject of a record-setting Kickstarter) that I ran in a bid to get around Amazon/Audible’s invasive, restrictive DRM (which is hugely invasive of our privacy as well as a system for reinforcing Amazon’s total monopolistic dominance of the audiobook market).

  • I’ve worked with the Electronic Frontier Foundation for nearly two decades; my major focus these days is “competitive compatibility” – doing away with Big Tech’s legal weapons that stop new technologies from interoperating with (and thus correcting the competitive and privacy problems with) existing, dominant tech.

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