No doubt that we have been advancing rapidly in every aspect of life and same progress is being registered in the technological field too with the development of AI technologies it’s becoming clear that the human capabilities are going to be widely increased in the coming years but with such developments, Elon’s words are also to be taken into cognizance that with AI we might be summoning the devil.

The world of AI technologies has now reached a new level with the introduction of an AI that can imitate any voice.

Lyrebird, a new AI out of Montreal, has just come on the scene with surprisingly accurate imitations of real people’s voices.

In order to acquire accurate invoice generation, Lyrebird needs to hear the voice to be mimicked for some time. But what really sets these imitations apart is the fact that they are not simply canned assemblages of words but the words are indoctrinated with emotional weight. Which means it can also be calibrated to speak along an emotional spectrum.

Now definitely this invokes the problem of identity fraud Even while revealing their success, the programmers chose the voices of people known for being longwinded like the U.S. politicians.

On Lyrebird’s demo page, you can hear Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump talking about exactly how amazing the technology is.

There are other Ethical issues too voice recordings are often used as evidence in court cases. Lyrebird might be the best and newest audio manipulation software out there, but it’s certainly not the first, so it’s clear that the validity of such evidence is questionable here.

This is just the beginning and if these technological advancements don’t come with remedial measures for protection against their misuse it could turn out to be different for the coming generations as we have only excelled in technology and just think what this technology which is in its infancy will be a decade from now.

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